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Major Research Achievements
Major achievementsDetails of major achievements
Development of new food products - Immunostimulant products containing aloe polysaccharide
- Joint health products containing Univestin
- Dietary products containing green coffee been extract
- Inner beauty products containing low-molecular-weight collagen
- Liver health products containing milk thistle
- Eye health products containing lutein
- Enteric health products containing aloe and dietary fiber
- Liquid vitamin products containing vitamin C from natural materials
- Children' health products containing red ginseng
- Children's liquid multivitamin products
- Omega-3 products
- Enzyme products
- Probiotic products
- Climactic/menopausal products for men/women
- Aronia products
Development of new cosmetic products - Skin care products containing aloe
- Personal care products
- Products for skin whitening, skin wrinkle improvement, and UV blocking
Development of new formulations - Stick jelly
- Liquid vitamin
- Moisture resistant coated tablet
- Natural pigment-coated tablet
- Enteric coated tablet
- Tone-up cream
- Cloud cleanser
- Gel to skin type
- Melting cream
Results of research project performance
Supervisory organizationProject titleR&D Period
Ministry of Knowledge EconomyDevelopment of technology for the development and commercialization of specialty feeds for the oral health of pet dogs2008.12 ~ 2010.09
Ministry of Knowledge EconomyThe development and commercialization of new natural resources (natural medicine / nutraceutical) derived by the HTP method2010.03 ~ 2011.10
Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesDevelopment of the natural product-derived materials of high value-added dietary supplement for body weight control2010.04 ~ 2012.04
Ministry of Knowledge Economy Development of natural product-derived foods for joint function improvement2010.06 ~ 2011. 05
Ministry of Knowledge EconomyDevelopment of preclinical substance for natural arthritis medicine 2010.07 ~ 2012.04
Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology Development of new natural materials for the regulation of hyper-accumulated adipocytes 2011.12 ~ 2013.11
Small and Medium Business Administration (SMBA)The establishment of optimum conditions for aloes by growth period through antioxidant activity, and their industrial application2012.06 ~ 2013.05
Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and FisheriesDevelopment of functional materials by the use of abalone2012.08 ~ 2015.08
Small and Medium Business AdministrationDevelopment of the materials of foods and beverages for blood sugar regulation from tropical plants, and their industrial application 2013.06 ~ 2014.05
Ministry of Science, ICT and Future PlanningCommercialization of nutraceutical materials developed for blood circulation improvement 2013.07 ~ 2015. 06
Korea Institute of Planning and Evaluation for Technology of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (IPET)Development of fermented ginseng products with improved functionality for the activation of global market 2014.07 ~ 2017.06
Small and Medium Business AdministrationThe development of Thymus quinquecostatus-derived immunostimulant materials and the fabrication of their test products 2014.10 ~ 2014.09
Ministry of Trade, Industry and EnergyDevelopment of cosmetic materials and products derived from corals, which are marine species flowing in Jeju 2016.02 ~ 2018.12
Korea Institute of Oriental MedicineCommercialization of skin health cosmetics based on the technology of Korean traditional medicinal materials for blood circulation 2017.02 ~ 2017.12
Korean Institute of Ocean Science & TechnologySkin whitening (development of whitening materials and cosmetics by the use of Ecklonia cava) 2017.04 ~2021.12