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What is Phytologix?

Research into natural products, which started with aloes, was expanded into various medicinal plants. The concept of 'Phytologix' was first introduced in 1999 when the existing library of extracts was searched in an attempt to explore cyclooxygenase (COX) inhibitors in order to develop materials for the improvement of joint function.
Phytologix is a technological platform to identify and research unique bioactive compounds inherent in natural products. Through the platform, we develop natural products into our own proprietary standardized extracts, and use them as new materials for functional cosmetics, functional foods, and medicines.

PhytoLogix comprises three fundamental building blocks:
1. Natural product library
2. Dereplication and informatic database
3. Screening based on bioactive testing

Using the platform of Phytologix, we indentified unique bioactive natural products, and developed our own independent ingredients of functional cosmetics, functional foods, and pharmaceutical products. Through the first search project, we found Univestin, a unique proprietary ingredient, which is being produced and sold in eight country around the world including the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and the UK. Through 52 patents around the world and 23 publications of third-party verification, Univestin has been established as a key ingredient for world-famous brands of joint improvement. During past 15 years, over 5 billion dosages of Univestin have been used in 36 brands of dietary products and functional foods produced by 28 companies.

The second project was to search more than 2,000 species of plants in order to find tyrosinase inhibitors. Through the relevant exploration project, 64 active extracts were produced, and six active natural materials and the single compound of UP302 (nibitol), which was one of the strongest tyrosinases at the time of 2003, were found.
An exclusive contract for UP302 was signed with Estee Lauder, and it was commercialized in 15 global skin-tone improvement brands. Nibitol is an ingredient registered in China for the first time after China changed CFDA regulations in 2010.  

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