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Naturetech researches various functional materials from natural products materials including aloe, and constantly conduct R&D on health functional food and functional cosmetics by the use of the materials.

For the development of natural materials , our research institute has established Phytologix infrastructure technology, and is operating and expanding C&D (connect and development) networks through joint research with government-funded research institutes and university research institutions.
For commercializing Dietary supplement and functional cosmetics through this, we systematically promote the evaluation of the efficacy of their functionality, research into their stability, and research into their formulations.

Direction of Promoting the Development of New Natural Materials

Developing high value-added health
dietary supplements and functional cosmetics
by the use of new natural materials


  • Research into functional materials

    • Research into new materials in connection with C&D
    • Research into functionality
    • Research into action mechanism
    • Acquiring specific authorization from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  • Evaluation of usefulness and stability

    • Human clinical trial
    • Toxicity testing and research
  • Standardization of raw materials

    • Research into raw material production process
    • Research into raw material standardization
    • Development of methods for active ingredient analysis
  • Research into new formulations

    • Development of customized product formulations
    • Research into formulation stability
  • Research into product quality improvement

    • Research into the stability of product quality indicators
    • Research into securing the product safety
Objectives of New Natural Material R&D
  • Development of functional food materials

    • Development of specialized materials using aloes
    • Development of materials and products for the prevention of metabolic diseases
    • Development of functional composite materials
    • Development of technology for the increase of functionality
  • Development of functional cosmetic materials

    • Development of materials and products for patients with atopic dermatitis and for moisturizing cosmetics
    • Development of whitening materials and cosmetics
    • Development of functional cosmetics for hair-loss prevention
    • Development of functional cosmetics acne cleanser
  • Development of personalized formulations by material

    • Development of stick jelly formulation
    • Development of moisture-proof coating formulation
    • Development of film coating formulation
    • Development of natural pigment coating formulation
    • Development of enteric coated tablet formulation