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Quality Certification

GMP (good manufacturing practices) is one of worldwide major requirements
for the manufacture of health functional food.

Certified by KFDA

It provides various requirements for manufacturing the good food and drug products of high quality, and must be complied with in overall quality management ranging from raw material warehousing to shipping. It aims to manufacture high-quality safe food and drug products by removing artificial errors, which may occur during the manufacture process of food and drug products, and minimizing contamination through modernized and automated manufacture facilities and strict process control.

Naturetech’s products are manufactured / produced with equipment certified by KFDA. We carry out the strict quality inspection of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished product, using the quality assurance system, and make efforts to produce the best products in the best environment in accordance with four major standards and more than 200 SOPs, using rational and GMP-relevant methods.