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Status of Patents

No.Patent Title
1019960040420Chromone derivatives and preparation method thereof
1019990059681Novel glycoprotein, methods for purification thereof, and anti-allergy compositions comprising the same
1020080070895Cosmetic composition for skin-whitening and antibacterial activity
1020090064244Composition for preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth containing Scultellaria baicallensis and method of preparing the same
1020110077004Cosmetic composition containing oolong tea component for slimming effect and method of manufacturing the same
1020130165627Anti-inflammatory composition comprising fermented abalone as an active ingredient and use thereof
1020150068331Water soluble composition comprising ginseng seed oil
10-2013-0070759Antioxidant composition comprising aloe vera extracts
10-2014-0056694Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory composition comprising aloe flower extracts
10-2014-0098375Composition comprising aloe flower extracts for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory effect
10-2015-0051035Antioxidant composition comprising aloe vera extracts
10-2015-0160711Composition for improved immunity capability comprising an extract from Thymus quinquecostatus as effective components