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Personnel System

We have established a personnel system featuring fair evaluation & compensation and a talent training system based on BSC (strategic performance management system).

Personnel System
We have introduced and operated BSC (balanced scorecard) for fair evaluation and compensation as well as improvement in individual competence and organizational performance, and for this, we support all the employees in systematic education courses and expenses.
Wage System

Annual salary system: basic pay, performance-related pay, severance pay (Production workers are paid the overtime allowance separately.)

Employee Benefits
  • 휴가제도


    A 5-day workweek, annual leave, summer vacation, congratulations and condolence leave, company foundation day's leave and Labor Day's leave

  • 포상제도


    Long service citation (10 years, 20 years), outstanding employee citation at the end of year, Six Sigma project citation

  • 업무지원

    Business support

    Vehicle maintenance, communication cost, business travel support, service uniform/working clothes, commuter bus, dormitory, staff cafeteria

  • 학비지원

    School expenses support

    Tuition support for the staff's children (kindergarten, elementary/ middle / high school, university)

  • 건강지원

    Health support

    Health examination, in-company sports facilities, support to SIGs

  • 가정지원

    Family support

    Expenditure for various congratulations and condolence, the operation of employee association

*Through the operation of employee association, management and labor consult with each other for the staff's satisfaction with employee benefits and working environment.
Job Application

Recruitment type: Naturetech's recruitments consist of unscheduled recruitment and open recruitment

- Unscheduled recruitment: Recruited in the event of vacancy or reinforcement in each team
- Open recruitment: Recruitment is subject to the annual personnel operation plan

Application method: Please fill out the job application form, and submit it by mail or e-mail

Mail acceptance: 29-8, Yongjeong-gil, Chopyeong-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk- do 27858, Republic of Korea

- Email :