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Inheriting Chairman Cheonggang Lee Yeon-ho's spirit of 'serving' and 'sharing,' Naturetech is carrying out corporate social responsibility (CSR) within local community in order to exercise corporate social responsibility as part of servant leadership.

Major Activities

1. Gimjang sharing event

2. Food bank delivery support

Naturetech operates the Food Bank Support Team, and supports the delivery of excess food to more than 100 families within Jincheon-gun.

3. Grandparent-grandchild family support

We support mentor operation and facilities improvement work for grandparent-grandchild families through continued relationship formation. We engage in volunteer services such as regular visits, study counseling, house/facility repair, visits on holidays/anniversaries, contributions towards oil and living expenses.

4. Creation of donations towards social contribution

We attract applicants for donations, and secure contributions periodically. The contributions are being expanded thanks to the efforts of employees and the Company, and we operate and manage them so that they may be used properly where and when they are needed.