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Naturetech has built and is operating environmental management system as a means to realize its management philosophy "Bringing the Best of Nature to Humankind".

Environmental Management System
The environmental management system refers to a system that evaluates the immediate or medium- and long-term effects of products produced, services provided, and internal processes on environment; and allocates resources, regulates responsibility and authority, sets methods/procedures for the implementation of practical affairs, and systematically establishes and improves the methods for the management/improvement of processes, in order to minimize the above effects.
Naturetech's Environmental Policy

1. To engage in consistent environment innovation activities by setting the objectives of environment pollution prevention and environmental improvement activities and establishing plans for their promotion
2. To create an environment-friendly company that complies with environmental laws & regulations/standards
3. To make the saving of energy and resources a way of life
4. To develop products for human health and sustainable earth environment
5. To raise all the management and employees' awareness of environment and conduct periodical education for continuous participation
6. To document the details of environmental management, and disclose and publicize them internally and externally

This policy is communicated to related partner companies as well as Naturetech's all the management and employees, and may be revised through periodical management review so that it may fit projects promoted by the Company.

Status of Certifications

ISO 14001 (Environmental management systems)

ISO 14001 belongs to ISO 14000 series, international standards related to environmental management system developed by the Technical Committee (TC 207) of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and requires that environmental management should be made the policy of corporate management and be standardized.

OHSAS 18001 (Occupational health and safety management system)

OHSAS 18001 is a management system participated by all organization members and interested parties for the purpose of preventing industrial accident and creating pleasant working environment, wherein objectives are set to maintain and promote the safety and health of organization members; organization, responsibilities, and procedures for achieving the objectives are specified; and physical and personal resources within the organization are efficiently allocated and systematically managed.